Yet another housing development could be built in Carrington

Yet another new housing development could be built soon in Carrington.

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The new development will see existing buildings bulldozed and work will then start which will include the following:

  • 19 x 2 bedroom semi-detatched two storey houses
  • 16 x 3 bedroom semi-detatched two storey houses
  • 22 affordable apartment block
  • Cottages will also be built on the property

The apartment building has car parking for 26 cars located in two linked surface level car parking areas

One Vision Housing have already submitted the proposal to Trafford Council and await a decision, it is expected to pass.

By the end of the year or early 2020 the area will have an extra 413 homes of different types, and more to come in mid 2020 if Heath Farm Lane gets the green light.

In the coming few years, the area will look completely different with more houses and apartments being built-in both Carrington and Partington.

At the GMSF we see a couple of new roads being built, at first glance it is a relief to see, more so for those in Partington, however these new roads could take many years to build leaving Manchester Road in utter chaos.

It is expected more housing developments will come to our attention soon and all will be passed, sadly with only Manchester Road being the only proper road that could take the huge volumes of traffic expected people will turn to those who were elected.


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