We give advice about Ovarian Cancer after Dianne Oxberry died from the disease

BBC weather presenter and Sale resident Dianne Oxberry passed away in a hospice with Ovarian Cancer leaving her husband devestated and the entire North West in shock.

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Dianne Oxberry

Dianne was well known in Sale, with all the many dog walkers and was seen at the troubled Brooklands Co op near Stanley Mount many times, she was in good shape when last seen, this is actually a common opinion amongst those that knew her.

Lets look at Ovarian Cancer, we have researched and tripple checked to get an accurate picture and to offer some valuable possibly life saving advice!

Firstly we are going to end the myth that it is a ‘Silent Killer’ it certainly is not silent, the pain would be intense, sickness, bloating, weight loss, extreme fatigue, not eating and many other symptoms will show up and no one could take all that without going to the GP.

Cancer is just abnormal cells replicating each other damaging the body as it spreads, if doctors catch this early you will be more than likely survive so long as you got the right treatment.

Ovarian Cancer as stated earlier  is not a silent killer! it often peaks in your early 50’s the estimated deaths from Ovarian Cancer is around 3.500 a year here in the UK, the NHS say that if women went to the doctors with any of the symptoms listed they must get it checked more so ‘Bloating’ if you had this for more than 3 weeks get it checked!

Please click the link HEREfor more on the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.

We cannot say why Dianne went so fast, however we can all look at trying to help other women to nake sure it does not happen to them and to have peace of mind, this is the way forward and seriously hope you take our advice if you have any of the symptoms listed.





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