Bad news for Partington as Heath Farm Lane housing development gets the green light

Some bad news for Partington residents as the Heath Farm lane hybrid housing development has been given the green light for it to go to planning.


The delay was because of The Highways Agency who were not happy with how the roads will cope once the development is built, more so on the M60 at Carrington Spur.

Documents seen today show that the issue has now been resolved and The Highways Agency gave the housing development a thumbs up.

No other objections are known at this time and the proposals will soon be prepared and given to the council, it is expected to be passed and work could start soon after which will mean some local issues for residents on Broadway and Moss View Road.

The housing development will be on land where the LGN works was and will after works have been completed have a roundabout and a small bit of cycling infrastructure that will stop at existing and incredibly poor cycle paths with no signage and very confusing.

Air pollution is a worry, however documents seen suggest their will be no real big increases despite an estimated 1000 new cars being in the area, so what do we know at this stage?

Future Carrington is being built, we will see the Carrington Gateway built on the front closest to Manchester Road, and 177 new homes will be built, and more will be built in stages, if they start now or in the next month they should have all been built by the end of the year.

Heath Farm Lane has no objections and will be given to Trafford Planners for a decision which is expected to be passed, work as we have said could get under way soon after, it will be around a year (estimated)  before that is completed.

One Vision Housing housing development in Carrington 59 new apartments and homes to be built, no objections and is expected to be built by October as an estimate.

Peel’s small housing development on Central Road in Partington has already been passed, we saw some action last week so it is expected work will start fairly soon, their will be around 16 new flats and a small car park.

Warburton Lane hybrid development in Partington could see some objections due to it being built on green belt land, one part of the development is being built near to Warburton Park, and once HS2 comes to town will be almost on top of them, they are still in consultation phase and expect to hear from the housing developer sometime soon.

Peel Lock Lane in Partington, so far as we are aware Peel have not found anyone interested in this site, we feel that they could regenerate it making it a proper cycle path and somewhere for local people to go and walk the dog, they have 2 more years left to decide before having to give up the land back to Trafford, if they do find someone to build, it will mean a further 550 new flats and apartments, and big headaches for existing Lock Lane residents.

It is expected more housing developments will come out of the magician’s hat and we will make sure your all aware of all the tricks that will without question change the look of Partington and Carrington forever.


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