Innovative technology will help Trafford’s GPs to give more time with patients

Technology helps pressured doctors reduce ‘mountain’ of clinical correspondence and release more time to concentrate on patient care

Dr Paul Jackson

Dr Paul Jackson 

Innovative technology is helping pressured GPs across Trafford free up additional days to allow them more time with patients.

A scheme aimed at reducing GP’s ‘mountain’ of clinical correspondence is helping Trafford’s doctors free up to 11 hours a week. It is estimated that GP practices caring for 10,000 patients can receive around 580 letters a week – more than 30,000 a year. This clinical correspondence is then read, actioned, coded and filed which takes time and adds pressures on GP practices.

Trafford Primary Health is supporting the roll-out of the correspondence streamlining scheme to GP practices and Dr Paul Jackson of Boundary House Medical Centre, Sale, who has piloted the ‘workflow optimisation’ solution for the past four months is already freeing up to 11 GP hours a week in the practice. He said: “As a doctor I am committed to providing quality patient care. Having time with patients is vital and the increasing mountain of paperwork adds to existing NHS pressures. Like all those in healthcare, we are keen to find solutions in our work so we can maximise the amount of time caring for patients, especially those with more complex health conditions.

“Being able to reduce our paperwork through using different new technology has streamlined processes in our practice: systems to update clinical records, supporting a trained administrator to ‘triage’ clinical correspondence, plus regular webinars are ensuring we’re updated on emerging technology to help reduce the workload.”

The ‘workflow optimisation’ scheme to reduce clinical correspondence commissioned by Trafford CCG is being rolled out to Trafford practices by Trafford Primary Health – the GP federation which brings together Trafford practices to benefit patients and practices through collaborative working.

In addition, a ‘Primary Care Pathways’ technology project aimed at streamlining systems using optimised online templates has freed 23 days of GP time across Trafford’s practices in November, December and January. The referral process in practices has been enhanced via the use of a simple template and the technology is also boosting care through improved analytics to help identify potential health issues through cross-referencing.

Dr Maz Sangha, a Director at Trafford Primary Heath and GP Partner at St Johns Medical Centre, Altrincham, added: “Trafford practices are continuing to work together to improve patient care. We are delighted to share the new programmes with practices across Trafford and support them in reducing paperwork and maximise time for patient care.”


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