The Superbowl is one of the best watched sporting events in the world

The Superbowl is tonight Feb 3rd, and is one of the biggest watched sporting events in the world.

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The event this year is at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and they kick off at 11.30pm here in the UK.

If you do not understand American Football, here is our quick guide to help you enjoy the game tonight.

American Football is easy to understand, each team has to move the ball 10 yards with 4 plays, or 4 attempts which is called a ‘down’ so when you hear 3rd and 4 this means 3rd down and 4 yards so that team has 1 more down, they could go for a field goal or punt the ball, in some cases and normally when the team is in a desperate situation for points they will use the 4th down to run the ball or attempt to get to get that 6 yards for another 4 attempts or downs.

As stated the easiest way to understand it is to think a down is an attempt, and remember its 10 yards for another 1st down or 4 more attempts.

The idea is to get into that end zone behind the poles, much like rugby, a touchdown gets 6 points and unlike rugby the player can run through to get a touchdown, the scoring team can get an extra point or two points conversion after the touchdown.

A field goal is worth 3 points and can be kicked as far as the half way line, many teams opt for the field goal once they are on a 4th down (attempt).

The NFL has 32 teams split between the AFC and the NFC, a team can have a huge amount of players and staff on the sidelines, unlike rugby or even football teams here in the UK.

An American Footballer wears padding to protect them from serious damage, unlike rugby it’s often brutal, although the NFL have made it slightly safer for people, again unlike rugby American Footballers have players 10 times the size of a rugby player, and the hits that they take are faster, some big names have been badly injured and have had to retire from the game.

American Football is glitzy, with teams often wearing nice bright kits and have some amazing stadiums and fans.

Here in the UK every game at Wembley is sold out, we have a huge following here because it’s a great spectator sport, and some teams have amazing history, for example the Raiders, who are one of the best supported teams.

Now that you understand the game better, enjoy the game and the half time show which is often a very good watch.


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