Elderly man with dementia saved by a passing driver from Sale

An elderly man who was reported missing from his home in Urmston was found by chance by a passing motorist heading back to Sale on the Carrington Spur.

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Simon Burrows from Sale saw the elderly man walking past the junction of Carrington Lane heading aimlessly towards the motorway during the evening on Feb 3rd.

How the elderly man got to where he was picked up was incredible as it is a fair walk, Simon said “As I was passing him I turned around and helped him to safety, I rang the police immediately where we arranged a meeting point at Stretford McDonalds”

It is thought the elderly man was called Cedric, Simon met the police as arranged and helped the elderly man out of his car and into the hands of the police who then took the man back home.

A good deed done for Simon and the elderly man is now back home in safe hands all because of Simon’s actions.


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