Latest moon pictures show something more than just the moon tonight

The big world powers are fast becoming more and more interested in moving to the moon and an interesting photo was taken this evening that gave us something more than the moon.


Edited moon pic to show the arrow bottom right: pic Darren Marsden

If you take a look to near the bottom right of the picture which was still in optical mode you can see clearly what looks like  some type of infrastructure or something made, either way no one here as seen that on the moon before, our photographer takes moon pics all the time and agreed this was unusual.

It came as a bit of a shock as we continued looking at it, weird but wonderful and a great picture to boot, if you are into moon photography and want to get closer get yourself the Nikon p900 or p1000 which goes even further than the 126 times zoom you see of our moon picture tonight.

We will let you make your own mind up what the structure is or maybe you will think of something even more ‘out of this world’


The moon pic by Darren Marsden

If you have any moon pics you want to share with us, send them in and we will display as many as we can, make sure you add your name and where you are from in the world.



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