You can now buy a home on Egerton Rise in Partington

Laurus Homes has now completed the Egerton Rise housing development and are looking for people interested in a new modern home to contact them.


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The apartments are 2, 3 and 4 bed and look very impressive and that includes the price as with shared ownership the cost could be as little as £181 a month!

Partington is one of the brightest areas of Trafford with its huge amounts of green spaces, a wide range of shopping is available and medical facilities.

Dotted around Partington are some historical sites, Coroners Woods is the best known, it’s an interesting place full of ancient plants, people have always thought that there was a mass grave under the woods or something similar, we can say that an ancient monks graveyard is close to the woods buried under a mound.

If you look deeper into the history of Partington it is indeed a very interesting place, as of now in these times like anywhere these days it has its problems, having checked local crime figures it seems the months of June, July and November seem to be the worst months for the area.

Generally Partington is safer than many other parts of Trafford, it does have some issues with bored kids, this has always been the way as they have nothing much to do so tend to end up in a bit of trouble with police, it is the same for adults, with no venues to go to.

It’s not all so bad though, Partington has two big parks, Cross Lane Park which is more widely used and Oak Road Park which has seen some investment in recent years on an upgraded play area and soon to have a shelter.

Showing the strength and the bond of local people, a group of local residents set about clearing up bags of rubbish from Oak Road Park  hat had built up over many years, and made it into a park to be proud of, we feel though Coroners Woods which is within Oak Road Park really needs to be loved more, it really is a gem that Partington could use as an emblem of the area, something to be proud about, something no other area of Trafford or Greater Manchester has, something they can keep for ever.

Oak Road shops is the only let down in the area, sadly the ugly past can still be seen in this run down shopping area and it really needs pulling down.

Partington has several good performing schools, it has a astro football pitch that is used by the community and Salford FC and a sports centre.

The area has two trails for you to walk down, a lot of work has been done on the Redbrook Trail of late, and work to clear shrubs and weeds on the Chapel Lane end of the Trail has also been recently completed and now looks amazing, taking in the countryside and getting away from it all, we do suggest more seating areas though!

Partington has a parish council and is supposed to be doing things for the community! and once you live in the area you will have to pay them some money, we have our own views on this which cn be read elsewhere on this website.

Partington has a petrol station and a car wash place on Warburton Lane, it has one very small post office, it has a few chippys all are very nice to eat from.

The area for some weird reason has not got a taxi rank, and is has some public transport links, with only two buses going out towards Altrincham, 247 being the most regular and only 1 bus to Urmston and the Trafford Centre, the 255 goes through to Stretford and into Manchester City Centre.

Local link is available which is incredibly important for Partington and for disabled people and offers a taxi like service.

We had to mention that Partington and Carrington will look completely different in the coming years with several huge housing developments due to be built and maybe even more in the pipeline, this will  cause the area and other parts of Trafford some issues with road space as thousands more cars will end up on already congested roads.

Pollution is a big issue in all of Manchester, in Partington local industry is the biggest polluter rather than that from cars and buses, it is expected to even out once all the housing developments have been built and so pollution will without question become much higher.

When buying your new home take on board what we say, and check  the pro’s and con’s of living in Partington, this will then ensure you are not only happy in your new state of the art modern home, but also happy with what is going on around you and what is likely to happen in the near future if you intend to stay.

If you are interested in buying an apartment on Egerton Rise use this LINK for more information and contact details.


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