Bring your kids for sporting fun at Trafford MV this summer

With the recent glimpses of sunshine and un seasonably warm weather our focus is turning more and more towards outdoor Summer activities and opportunities.

All Stars Cricket

Local Sports Club Trafford MV are calling on parents to encourage their young children to find a sport that suits them. Cricket is an ideal Summer sport where boys and girls can join in together and parents can join in too.

Trafford MV based in Sale (M33 6LR) will be running All Stars Cricket beginners sessions for 5 and 8-year-old boys and girls who will learn the basics of all the sports as well as the good social community habits surrounding it. The sessions will begin on Thursday May 23rd and will continue the Summer.

You can register at ecb.clubspark.uk/AllStars/ and it is best to do so early so that you can get all the kit, and information that is included in the course fee in good time for the children to be ready to play.

This is the 3rd year that Trafford MV has run the All Stars courses and the club have seen several children develop their skills and progress through to the Club junior teams playing in a friendly competitive environment against other local clubs.

If you have any interest in playing All Stars, Junior or adult cricket and you are looking for a local club please feel free to message wilfdooley@virginmedia.com for information.


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