No rise in the precept but is Partington Parish Council worth paying for?

Partington Parish Council have issued a letter to all residents showing they are not going to increase the precept for 2019/20.


We have done our best to get the Parish Council to open up to the residents showing what it is they do for the money they get, they have a nice website now and show minutes of every meeting they have which we are happy with.

Having done much research over the years we can say not many people are happy paying for this service.

The letter says “The Parish Council will again expand their efforts at making safe those paths and spaces  most hazardous where Trafford Council do not have the resources to do”

Lets look at this, over the couple of days recently snow had fallen and ice became an issue, all paths in the area other than the shopping centre was full of ice and snow! including outside of the Parish Council HQ, is this not a hazardous surface? Trafford do not have to grit the pavements.

Even in the Autumn last year we saw no help for disabled people with leaves causing tricky conditions on some paths, this could have been sorted out easily by the Parish Council if Trafford did not want to bother.

This tells us that the communication issues between Trafford Council and the Parish Council have still not been sorted out, with one not knowing what the other is doing or what they are responsible for.

We have waited for over a month for a walk sign to be fixed just off Warburton Lane and it is still not fixed! we saw what looked like a lamp post broken on another walk with wires sticking out and nothing done the last time we was down.

The Parish Council do work for the community but not as hard as they claim, we do not buy anything they have said now or in the past, they get enough money to make sure Partington can be looked after with the help of Trafford and Your Housing Group.

If enough people got together and campaigned to make sure this Parish Council did more for the residents, with the councillors coming from the area or from Trafford they could do much more.

We want the Parish Council who really care about Partington to be something the residents really are happy with, not the other way as is the case now.




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