Wildlife to be semi-protected at the proposed housing development at Heath Farm Lane in Partington

Concerns about wildlife and its woodland have been eased after a recent ecology report was published at the site of the proposed housing development on Heath Farm Lane in Partington.


Ecology was the latest of many reports on the badly delayed housing development, it gives the possibility of reassurance to those concerned about wildlife and woodland on the Heath Farm Lane site during construction and once the development has been fully built.

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Little Ringed Plover

Concerns about the Little Ringed Plover was addressed first in the report, this bird will have to move along to another part of Carrington although there are plenty of places for this species of bird to go.

The bird comes to the UK from March to September, it is an offence to disturb these birds whilst nesting, an ornithologist will be called upon whilst construction is underway so that the birds are not disturbed in any way.

The Skylark and Lapwing birds will have to find another place to rest once the housing development is under construction and built, the ecology report identified that fields south of the development are more than suitable for these birds that are becoming extinct due to farming.

Bats will be looked after throughout the housing development with bat boxes, although great for the bats we are a bit concerned about where exactly these boxes will be since residents will no doubt find them a real pest and call people out to end the problems, meaning many will probably end up dead.

All woodland will now be retained and enhanced.

Whilst the ecology report helps ease people’s concerns to a degree, this does not go far enough with what happens to the other species of birds, and other wild animals that currently are on the site, all wildlife needs to be protected.

You can view the full report HERE



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