Fed up Trafford residents see dumped bin bags full of rubbish everywhere

Fed up Trafford residents complain to News4Trafford about all the dumped rubbish dotted around the borough.

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One resident contacted us to complain about One Trafford actually causing most of the rubbish being dumped from trash trucks in the Old Trafford area.

We checked the areas most people complained about which was near the tip on Sinderland Lane, and in Partington.

On Woodcote Road only yards from a public tip we saw a row of bags full of rubbish, we then saw what we thought was charity bags full of rubbish dumped on farm land on Sinderland Lane heading towards Partington.


Crater of a pothole on Moss Lane

Once in Partington having got around that huge crater of a pothole on Moss Lane we checked out Chapel Lane and saw a line of full bin bags, it was a little weird how they are all in a line as was the ones nearer Broadheath.

A spokesperson for Trafford Tips told us that everyone can dump household waste up to 2 tonnes! and they can even come into a tip with a trades van, he told us that people who work at the tip could not understand why people dump waste when there is several tips dotted around the borough.

Although we get complaints about One Trafford, it is not entirely their fault since the blame must be with those dumping the waste, they can be blamed though if they are not doing the job properly in certain areas.

We suggest to take photos of any bad work by One Trafford and send it to them on Twitter, report to a local councillor as soon as you can.

Dumping rubbish can never be acceptable, and those doing it have to feel some shame at not only helping destroy the look of where they live, but also help bring in vermin which could one day invade their own home!

You may also get caught out! a man previously in Partington was sent to court for dumping bricks!


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