Trafford needs to stop chopping down our healthy trees if it wants a greener image

Trafford Council needs to stop cutting down healthy trees if it wants to have a greener image.

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Every planning document read for months shows tree after tree is being felled, some will be pruned and others actually need to be felled because of disease or just generally the age of the tree.

Trees are our lungs, the destruction of healthy trees is not helping our environment, with pollution levels off the scale in Trafford and many will die even this year from the toxic particles from diesel engines we need these trees even more.

We saw many trees that needed cutting down, but also saw many trees that looked perfectly healthy.

5G could be blamed for this, we cannot think of any other reason for felling so many perfectly healthy trees.

In the video the location is on a trail from Broadheath behind Woodheys Park, a video needed to be made to show how healthy and not so healthy trees have been felled, some hacked down and left in a bad state.

We must make a stand against all these trees being felled, and ask  councillors to look into our report with immediate effect and to make sure only dead or diseased trees are either felled or cut down.


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