Network Rail seen working on an abandoned rail line in Altrincham

Network Rail engineers were seen today on an abandoned rail line in Altrincham.

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Workmen was on the bridge over Manchester Road breaking down a fence, it seems they had put up a new one, looking deeper we saw steps to the line had been cleared and some wood panels had been installed for workers to balance on.

These steps may have some history to them and we will be checking them out in due course and will do a video, although we question why they have left it even more easier for people to get on to the line which is incredibly irresponsible since we are aware in recent times  people have sadly tried to jump from the bridge.

With the line thought to be reopening soon we can expect more work to be carried out in the coming weeks and months.

A spokesperson for Network Rail said: “We are carrying out installation of some fencing to the railway bridge spanning Manchester Road as part of our Railway Upgrade Plan.”



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