Theresa May and Uri Geller the brexit fella

Theresa May has had a brexit warning from a spoon bending psychic friend.

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Uri Geller who claims to be psychic has sent Theresa May a letter telling her how much he loved her and reminded her she would be the UK prime minister in 3-years.

He said that he is ensuring that Jeremy Corbyn never gets the keys to 10 Downing street, is he to blame as to why Corbyn lets May off with everything almost siding with her?

The country is in chaos with Brexit, no one knows what is going on or what will happen, we have had MP’s running off to join another party, we are truly the laughing-stock of the world now.

With the scare mongers, and the nonsense all around us people in the UK have had enough of it all, the next and most crucial vote will be next week, if MPs vote Theresa May down again, then it will end in a nasty way.

Some would say we need to leave the EU, others say we should stay, a huge divide threatens our nation, civil war is on the horizon, it will come from London first and filter down throughout the country, this is why the government have the army on standby and why we are seeing more of a military presence in the sky.

We are not convinced by Uri Gellers tales, I am sure Theresa May is having a giggle at it, he was caught out once when bending a spoon as it was only a trick, the only thing that man could be doing is causing more confusion and that is not needed right now.

You can read the full letter below:


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