Fancy a pizza with a pint? this could become a reality soon in the beer garden of a pub in Sale

A very popular pub in Sale has put in proposals to the council to build a timber beer and pizza dispenser hut on its premises.

Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 12.51.00 AM

The Bridge Inn, Image Google Maps

The Bridge Inn on Dane Road in Sale will see the 10ft timber hut with a dispenser built at the back of the beer garden.

This hut would be incredibly popular with local people and those new to Trafford.

As of yet though no information is to hand about fire safety although backed up on to a wall, we hope that it will be looked at, the structure is fairly big, in the event of an out of control fire it could collapse onto the Bridgewater Canal tow path which at the time could cause a cyclist or a pedestrian to be injured or even fall into the canal.

If they can satisfy planners at Trafford on fire safety of this new building it will be approved.

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