Manchester Marathon route and road closure information

The Manchester Marathon returns at the weekend April 7th and we have some running advice and road closure information.


Manchester Marathon: Image: Darren Marsden


If you are running this event, we hope and expect you to have started preparations long ago more so if it is your first time running a marathon.

If in the event you have only just started training for this event, even a month back you are going to suffer, fortunately we have some advice to give everyone so they get through it.

Here is a quick rundown of what you will need to do from now until race day:

  • Eating and drinking right: if you have been eating wrong and not taking in enough water you will suffer come the marathon, on the day of the event eat only a small breakfast, bring with you some flap jack or oat energy bars or hob nobs, jaffa cakes etc, make sure you have had enough to drink but do not over do it or you will either be sick or end up having to divert for one of many pee breaks.
  • Your running wear: it is crucial you get this right! remember brand new trainers is a serious risk, you must wear trainers you have worn for at least a month so you can trust that they will not only support you but also that they don’t rip your skin apart! new trainers no matter how much they cost could end up killing your feet and ultimately your race, depending on the weather you must try not wear football shirts, cotton t-shirts if its warm, always go for very lightweight non chaffing t-shirts and shorts/tights and socks!
  • We don’t think it is a good idea to run over 26.2 miles with a iPhone stuck to your arm, this could cause chaffing, it is unnecessary weight, remember the more weight you have on you the more it will slow you down, even an iPhone and the strapping, we have seen iPhone plus models on some runners and could see they were struggling, keep everything light.
  • Technique: Your running technique needs to be simple, no thinking you are Mo Farah or Paula Radcliffe, run the way you have always run with some simple enhancements that will make things just that bit more easy, keep your head looking to the horizon, keep the knees up and even more simply keep the toes up on landing, this will give you more energy, more confidence and more speed.
  • Do not go off fast from the start! unless you are an elite athlete take it easy! it is normal for you to want to go off at a good pace, maybe thinking over 26 miles should be no problem! once you get around to Old Trafford football stadium you will be gasping for air! and you will have only completed the first few miles, get to Stretford and now you will be really feeling it, still miles to go! just take your time, pace yourself and relax, if you have a pal with you this will be good, keep the talking to a minimum though as this will cost you vital energy.

Because of the marathon taking place road closures will be in place all over Trafford from around 8am until around 2pm, we noted even where signs were in place drivers in last years event did not take any notice and found themselves in a pickle, we suggest to all motorists to be patient and even come out and enjoy the fun, remember also you probably for the first time will be helping to clear up Trafford’s toxic air.

Click here for road closure and diversion information: https://www.greatermanchestermarathon.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2019/02/Marathon-Diversion-Zones-2019-v4.pdf

The route can be found here: https://www.greatermanchestermarathon.com/route/route-map/


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