We investigate claims by a top doctor that sugar is the fuel for cancer

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

 David Noakes who has had a torrid time since co-developing a cancer drug that he claims “would save 120,000 lives a year in the UK” also claimed sugar is what cancer likes best.

We checked it out and he could well be correct, Cancer research UK a top cancer research charity has said that sugar can be the cause of most cancers simply because it causes obesity.

Too many fat cells could well lead to developing cancer at some point, and they tell people to cut out sugary drinks as this is the most amount of sugar anyone could consume in one go.

Energy drinks will also be included, even the sugar-free drinks contain a neurotoxin called Aspartame, we say its better to have a drink of coke or something like that once a week as a treat unless you have an illness like diabetes were taking sugar must be closely monitored.

You can learn more about what Cancer Research UK has to say by clicking this LINK
Sugar in a natural form such as from fruit is recommended.

Noakes who spoke with some bravery about how big pharma is stopping him developing GCMAF and actively causing his life to be a complete misery claimed all types of benefits from GCMAF even for people with autism.

You can see the entire video HERE you make up your own mind on what this man says, notice his hand movements during the interview.
We cannot comment on what we thought of what was said, however big pharma is a law all by themselves, with more money than you can ever imagine, raking in billions through sales of drugs that many keep you unwell, for example, antipsychotic medication and depression tablets that psychiatrists and doctors flog!

With cancer, though we can say that if the medicine is out there that helps cure cancers and other illness, surely this must be put before the interest of profits and shareholders, so often though in this ever so sick and twisted world this is not the case.