The local elections in Trafford went all red with a dash of Orange and Green

Local elections 2019 will be remembered for the amount of spoilt ballot papers than it will be for Trafford Labour winning overall control of the council.

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Only 39.5% turned out in Trafford despite this the Tories got annihilated on the night, Altrincham once a Tory stronhold is now a green one as yet another Green candidate wins in the ward giving the area 3 Green councillors.

In Timperley Lib Dems won by some margin, they also claimed Village.


Meena Minnis and Julian Newgrosh

It was though all about Trafford Labour, the won with some comfort in wards that have been in the past difficult to win in, They took Broadheath, Brooklands two wards that were Tory strongholds now turned red.

In Partington (Bucklow st Martins)  we saw the lowest turn out in the wards history, although Williams won, he will not be sitting comfy anymore! had a rival party really did its work, put all its effort into this ward, they may well  have won on the night as Williams could only get 988 votes.

Bucklow is going to change beyond all recoginition in the coming years, and more needs to be done about roads, shops and medical facilities, more needs to be done about the dreadful communication issues this area has always had problems with from councillor to resident.

Already the questions though are coming in from residents about what Trafford Labour are going to do with the Amey contract, not many people in this borough are happy with the contract or the insane length it was for.

Jeremy Corbyn came to Sale Waterside this morning with Trafford MP’s to congratulate the now very tired Trafford Labour party who lik all the other candidats have had little sleep during what must have been an exciting night for the newly elected candidates.

You can view all the results by clicking this LINK


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