Brussels to halt 5G over safety concerns

Brussels politicians have decided to halt the installation of 5G over safety concerns.


4G mast in Sale: Image Darren Marsden

Although last year Brussels decided to relax the rules for three mobile phone operators for the installation of 5G, however in recent weeks it was concluded that it was impossible to estimate the radiation from the antennas and that they could not see the people of Brussels being guinea pigs.

The UK has so far tested 5G in Gateshead and it is known many people got sick after the switch on, now operators are testing it out on more of the public at events and even the airport.

So far the testing at Manchester Airport was confined to a small space and only the people testing it was exposed and for a short time.

More of a worry is how EE will test 5G at Glastonbury this summer, will it be to a wider audience or confined to a small space for people to try out? no information on that is to hand.

Premier League grounds will no doubt have 5G at some point all around the ground and at concert venues.

EE and O2 have been approached and none of them could answer our questions over safety.

For those who are not sure what 5G is, here is some information:

5G works in a completely different way to what we have now, masts or ariels will be seen mostly on lamposts, they will be seen everywhere because the frequency is very short unlike say a 4G mast you see on big poles on the street which sends the signal into the air and falls back to the ground and bounces around.

5G is a focused signal, it will only work in straight lines.

The frequency is much higher than that of what we have now, and it is genuine and factual to say the same technology has been used in warfare, although of course not on special tanks! but the frequency is the same at a maximum of 100GHZ.

We are not expecting networks to operate at 100GHZ however any increase on the 2.6GHZ we have now cannot be good, and because no testing information is available it is fully understandable why Brussels and more countries are halting the installation of 5G.

The UK are going ahead with this installation, we cannot allow this to happen so we have contacted several places and the Premier League to halt any testing of 5G on the public until the industry proves it is safe and not be given a load of rubbish by EE which they claim is from the World Health Organisation on existing mobile frequencies.

EE has been more responsive than all the other networks we have contacted which we give a thumbs up to, however, they have no 5G testing information which is concerning.

The conspiracy thing is not applicable, we do not participate in such rubbish, 5G must be halted by all councils in the UK and not approved until tested properly in the same way as 4G and 3G.


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