Jobs under threat as a woman’s fashion chain goes into administration

Select fashion stores have gone into administration threatening many jobs and some here in Trafford.

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Select store in Sale : Image Google

The woman’s fashion chain has a store in Sale Square Shopping Centre employing several people.

Select has 169 stores in the UK and all are threatened if administrators cannot find a way for the business to continue.

Money Saving Expert have offered some useful advice, although Select have said that all orders will be delivered and it’s return policy is unchanged they say if you have anything to return you better do it soon.

They also tell people to pay by card if they get anything over £100 so you have some protection if something goes wrong through a thing called ‘Section 75’

You are also asked if you have a gift card to spend it as soon as you can despite the firm saying they will honour all gift cards.

Select have said though the online shop is operating as normal.


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