UKTV’s Traces production is filmed outside of Partington Social Club

Traces a 6-part drama production which will air on UKTV at the end of the year came outside of Partington Social Club to do some filming.

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Several Partington residents was seen lining the pavements outside of the old social club watching the action unfold.

The social club was renamed ‘Secrets’ for the drama, we noticed the windows were boarded up when previously the windows had a black tint to them.

Filming when we got to the set was directed on a car, we saw loads of flowers as if someone had died, dramatic action and a fitting end to the social club where in real life it was torched  and in filming another fire took hold.

We checked out the actors caravans which was on where The Greyhound pub used to be, Lots of Panavision trucks were seen and a fire engine.

Police were present, we felt this was not needed as stewards were working to make sure everything went smoothly, although we noted how poorly spoken one of these guys was when we asked why props were stored in a sensitive area such as the Partington Epitaph.

We noted also that cars and vans were obstructing a public right of way, we was told that all paths will be clear for people to walk on and no traffic issues.

Despite the issues and lies about times by the production company we hope that Partington will be mentioned in the production credits and hope that something like this happens again in the area, it is the perfect place for any production.

Partington Social Club will now be leveled to make way for a block of flats.

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