Huawei says thank you to its UK fans after the Google OS will no longer be on its mobile phones

Mobile phone and electronics firm Huawei has said ‘Thank You’ to all its UK based fans after Google will stop giving them access to its operating system.


A spokesperson on the Huawei Facebook and Twitter pages said: “To all our UK fans. We wanted to thank you for all the understanding and support we have had over the past week since the Android news.

“Huawei will continue to provide security updates and services for all existing Huawei smartphones and tablets. We will continue to work on developing a secure and sustainable software ecosystem to provide the best possible user experience worldwide. Further updates to follow.”

Because the US is in a trade war with China and The US having no trust in the company due to its founders links with the militaty in the past is not helping the company in todays world, it also does not help Google come to a better less brutal decision for it to pull the plug on the company.

Huawei has come on in leaps and bounds in the past few years, making some of the best mobile phones on the market helping it get to number 2 in popularity and handsets sold.

Leaving these top notch handsets without Google is almost suicide for the brand, although customers will still get security updates, many are now looking to sell their phones.

Huawei has said they are making its own operating system, however in the past Samsung tried this and it failed, Google is what people want and Huawei need to do something to keep them happy, or we can see the company sliding out of the mobile phone market which would kill off the company.

They also are having issues with its 5G services, US and other countries have decided to not let them operate at all, UK are thinking about things, BT have pulled them out of its 5G services.


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