Tour of Britain cycling event comes to Altrincham the first time in its history

The Tour of Britain cycling event comes to Altrincham for the first time in September.

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Tour of Britain stage 8 route Altrincham to Deansgate 

We are incredibly excited that the biggest names in professional cycling will be cycling here in Trafford on September 14th 2019.

The tour came to Manchester 15-years ago and the event in Altrincham will be only the second time it has been in our magical and sporty city.

It will be on the 8th and final stage, it will go from Altrincham and will end in Deansgate in Manchester with a distance of 102.53 miles.

With this news will help One Trafford to get the roads sorted out, due to live coverage Altrincham will be showcased and we would want the tour organisers to see we are ready for another one next year, maybe starting in Partington

With the country lanes going out into Cheshire it would be the ideal start or even finish to a pro cycling race.

Trafford will be inspired by this cycling event, more bumbs will be on saddles with that it is hoped the council will do a little bit more to ensure the borough has the best cycling infrastructure in Manchester.





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