BBC tells over 75’s that ‘you will’ have to pay for a TV Licence

The BBC has said today that people over 75 will have to pay for the TV Licence from June 2020.


Millions of pensioners will be hit hard by what is really another tax, the most vulnerable in society being hit yet again by corporate greed.

To make the BBC look a little bit respectful they have said anyone claiming penison credits were exempt and so do not need to pay, we read that many pensioners do not clain this benefit.

Gordon Brown was first to offer free TV Licences to over 75’s sadly the Tories have now decided to end this which is cruel something they are known for.

If you cannot afford the licence, TV licencing has payment methods that make it a little easier however why pay for this rip off licence for in the first place if you only watch videos and on demand streaming services like Netflix and Now TV?

The great news is you can tell the TV Licence people that you do not need a licence because you do not watch any live programming or access the iPlayer and only watch on demand programming and other none live broadcasting of which you do not need the licence.

If you are 75 or older you do not need to be letting anyone  into your property that you do not know even if it is a TV Licence worker genuine or not, the law is clear, they are strangers and work for a third party company called Capita, they have no rights whatsoever to be on your path let alone in your house.

They can only come into your house with a warrant and a police man or woman and that is highly unlikely if you are 75 or over, if they do it is important to tell a family member to come down as soon as possible.

TV Licence is just another tax on the poorest in society, the BBC would not die a death if they did the right thing and at the very least subsidised it for vulnerable people.

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