Glastonbury Festival organisers are tricked by EE into thinking 5G is safe

5G the next generation of mobile technology offering super fast internet speeds and downloads faster than a speeding train comes with is some dangerous side effects.


Glastonbury Festival is coming soon and we knew a while back that EE was to test the 5G signal on the public, so we had to ask the festival organisers for some re assurance.

The full response to our email was:


Thank you for sharing with us your concerns about the use of 5G at the Festival.

We take all feedback about the technology that we use extremely seriously, and have raised your concerns with EE, who as technology partner to the Festival, have been providing an onsite mobile network at the Festival for over 20 years.

EE would like to assure everyone attending the Festival that 5G is safe, and that the World Health Organisation and Public Health England have both given 5G the green light as no health risks have been found from radio signals used for mobile communications in this way. To give that some context for comparison, EE point out that the World Health Organisation does warn of the dangers of processed red meat (e.g. bacon and sausages), but not about 5G.

Research into the safety of radio signals has been conducted for more than 50 years; and EE insist that the strong consensus of the public health agencies around the world (such as the WHO), is that no health risks have been established from exposure to the low-level radio signals used for Wi-Fi and mobile communications.

In line with advice from WHO, the UK Government has adopted the exposure limits developed by International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) who monitor all new research.  All UK mobile network providers build their networks within these guidelines. While EE confirm that a small increase in overall exposure to radio waves is possible when 5G is added to existing networks, the overall exposure is expected to remain low and well within the ICNIRP guidelines. You can read the information from Government on this matter here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/233707?reveal_response=yes.

If you have read or heard anything about high frequency ‘mmWave’ spectrum and research into this from the US, please be assured that this isn’t the technology that EE will be using at Glastonbury (or anywhere in the UK) when they launch 5G. The network they are installing this year (which includes 5G in a few areas of the site) meets all of the same safety requirements as the 2G, 3G and 4G network which they’ve used previously, and the things that have been written about ‘weaponised frequencies’ and needing a mobile site for every 20 houses aren’t true, and they have nothing to do with the technology that will be used at Glastonbury.

The two big networks have switched on 5G in many places in the UK with Three coming later on in the year, O2 will be switched on in Manchester next year.

5G as it is now is of no threat to anyone! 3.6GHz is only a notch up from 4G, this is the trick! and as you can read above Glastonbury have also fallen for it.

Of course its fairly safe in the first part of the installation, it is the second part that the crafty networks are not talking about, that is the installation of antennas and small masts to street lights and buildings.

Do you see where he networks have slipped in 5G without telling anyone about the next and most dangerous installation.

That second part of the 5G installation is being tested at Glastonbury, EE will have 3 small masts beaming it at people and we have asked for them to be removed until safety can be assured.

If the networks keep 5G in the cell towers at 3.6GHz no one will have a problem, however for 5G to work it needs power, and that power as we are aware is unlimited.

Once the 5G antennas and masts have been attached to the lampposts and buildings will cause big health problems, you will feel like a warming up of the skin, more headaches, nose bleeds and DNA damage.

This is not your normal mobile masts, the technologhy is using military grade frequencies remember in the second part of the installation not the first!

Tell your councillors and MP to reject 5G until proven safe, do not accept the WHO (World Health Organisation) nonsense, the information seen does not say anything about tests for 5G, make sure your council knows no one wants this technology and demand they tell the networks to shove it.

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