Emirates reduces single use plastics on board all its aircraft

Emirates has committed to reduce single use plastics on all of its aircraft.


The airline has been using eco-friendly straws since June 1st 2019 other single use plastics will also be replaced, in addition from Aug 1st plastic bags from its retail store will be replaced with paper bags.

Emirates say the initiatives made will remove 81.7 million single use plastic items from landfill each year.

The airline has with suggestions from flight crews and members of the public will get all plastic bottles on board every aircraft which the airline estimates will be 150,000 bottles and send them to recycling plants in the UAE or elsewhere.

In 2017 Emirates introduces a special recycled bottle blanket called ‘ecoTHREAD’ which is used in economy class, they claim it has saved 88 million plastic bottles from going to landfill each year.



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