Trafford Council are chopping down healthy trees in the borough at an alarming rate.

Trees cut down: Pic Darren Marsden

We can tell you its for 5G, this is why it is different to what you have been used to all these years.

For 5G to work no trees can be in the way of the signal as the signal is focused in one direction and cannot go through trees.

It seems Altrincham and Hale areas are being hit hard this year with many trees being chopped down, today June 18th and looking at the planning lists we can see a huge amount of trees being chopped down in that part of Trafford.

Sale is also on the map of tree felling, soon The Avenue will be hit and other areas as by the end of the year 5G will be on lampposts and buildings or other road infrastructure despite Trafford telling us they had no plans to allow any network to install anything in the borough.

Trees are incredibly important to us all,they are our lungs, they also help with CO2 levels, wildlife are affected by any tree that is pulled down.

Trafford people must make a stand now! and stop this tree felling as soon as possible, we agree though that some trees do need bringing down or pruning, some trees near Granery Way in Sale need some attention and some on the Bridgewater Canal also need looking at.

We have seen perfectly healthy trees chopped down in Timperley, and Broadheath, no one can pull the wool over our eyes, all this is for 5G installation which is incredibly dangerous and the roll out of masts on lampposts etc must be halted.

Get on to your MP, your councillors and warn them of the dangers of 5G in its second part not the first as of now it is not dangerous, it is when it ends up on lampposts where things get scary.

The latest planning lists can be viewed HERE

If you want more information or want to ask us some questions please use the contact us section of the website and we will tell you what we know.

Further reading on 5G can be seen HERE