Police warn the public about pick pockets operating in Altrincham Town Centre

Trafford Police are telling the public to be more aware of pick pockets in Altrincham Town Centre.

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Since April 13th to the present day police reveal 8 people had been pickpocketed.

Pickpockets use a number of tactics, they most often work in groups and always go for the person who is walking through in a world of their own.

Of course it is not just Altrincham people  who need to be wary of pick pockets, many are operating in other shopping areas in Trafford.

You need to stay switched on these days! here is some tips to keep pickpockets ou of pocket:

  • Keep switched on
  • Use zipped pockets at all times and buy a jacket with an inner pocket.
  • Do not have anything in your back jeans pocket more so a mobile phone
  • Keep a hand bag under your arm and make sure its closed
  • Keep valuables out of sight (use a handsfree device so you do not have to show your mobile phone)

If you have been a victim of this crime then you will understand better now about why it is so important to keep switched on when going shopping and leave nothing to chance.

Remember a pickpocket will only go for the individual who is not switched on, to stay switched on you need to keep aware of your surroundings, scanning all the time from all sides.

By doing this you will see a situation before it happens and you will likely avoid the situation, this can also be applied for your every day life not just to help protect against pickpockets.

If you can avoid a situation well before anything happens this is the best protection you can have to make sure you ge home with all your belongings or shopping safely.

Some people though think they are immune to such crimes, that nothing has ever happen to them or will ever happen to them….these are the people who becomes victims to all types of crimes.

We hear from the same people that “No one can touch me I got my mates”or similar  we can tell you now that if you are walking through a shopping area on your own, you are just as vulnerable, since your mates are not with you to help out, what good is it having these guys helping out after you have justbeen robbed? are they of any use to you? of course not!

If you see anything suspicious remember to always contact police on 101.

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