Oak Road in Partington is just about to get a face lift with 86 new homes planned

86 new homes to be built soon on land off Oak Road in Partington.

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6 new homes will be built on land where the Redbrook Pub once stood and all that area up to Warburton Lane and towards Tulip Road, the child care nursery stays where it is although as part of the plans it will need a boundary fence.

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How the new houses will look like

Sadly Oak Road Shops will continue to remind people and those coming into the area of Partington’s murky past, it continues to provide some cover for undesirable people and it most definitely needs pulling down with a newer modern shopping area that would provide local residents with a better experience and one that they can feel safer in.

The crime impact statement was interesting which you can find by clicking this LINK one of the biggest problem areas for ‘Your Housing Group’ is dealing with all types of ASB and neighbour nuisance.
In the next couple of years with 550 new homes due to start sometime this year off Lock Lane, 440 new homes proposed on land very close to the Oak Road housing development, over 600 on Heath Farm Lane, a block of flats where the social club used to be, 14 new houses to be built on Central Road which we are told will be starting soon, more houses planned off Chapel Lane (and that would be a huge housing development) Partington will look more like a big city than a village…..with no new roads!!!

Medical facilities are already stretched to breaking point with GPs going part-time and a chemist seemingly struggling to cope with patients having to wait a week before getting their medications.

As for Your Housing Group, we are guessing this is what the £150m investment in the area means, would you call that an investment or a money making scheme that will make them richer and keep the area suffering.

You can view all the documents relating to this proposed housing development by clicking this LINK

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