110 undisturbed bronze aged graves found in Siberia

A team of russian archaeologists discovered bronze aged graves that appeared under the ‘Sayan Sea’.

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Archaeologists can only work from mid May to the end of June before the water returns, each time it does it destroys more of the graves, so this find has been amazing for the archaeolgists involved.

In the graves they found bronzed aged weapons, combs, belts even mirrors were found, in 2018 a woman was found with a ruby belt on her and even food, the grave was named “The sleeping beauty” by archaeologists, the woman died with a silk top on which indicated she was not poor.

‘This site is a scientific sensation’, said Dr Marina Kilunovskaya from the St Petersburg Institute of Material History Culture, who leads the Tuva Archaeological Expedition.

“We are incredibly lucky to have found these graves of rich Hun nomads that were not disturbed by robbers.

“We discovered 110 burials at the Ala-Tey burial site, which is usually 15 metres underwater.

“Another site which was made at what is now the Sayan Sea shore is getting quickly destroyed by crumbling soil.

“It is called Terezin, and there we found 32 graves.”

The bronze age began in Europe from 3200-600 BC and more can be read about this period of time HERE



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