Network Rail has not fixed fencing at a rail bridge in Altrincham leading to safety concerns

A railway bridge that goes over Manchester Road in Altrincham has not been made safe despite calls from the public worried about safety.

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We are aware some people have tried to take their own life by falling from this bridge and access on to the line is now easy, the wooden panels have been taken away on the northbound side of the A56.

The line is still classed as ‘Live’ and goes from Timperley all the way out towards Partington and was last used in 1974.

What people are unaware about is beyond the grey fencing once on the bridge the line is electrified and this poses a real danger if someone finds a way of getting over onto the other side.

We contacted Network Rail and they told us that they will be coming out to fix the wood panels and secure the area, this was around a fortnight ago, other residents complained that they had been in contact with Network Rail and was told a similar thing, however, nothing has been done.

It is factual that Network Rail engineers themselves caused much of the damage, and left it if something tragic happens who do we blame? we ask Network Rail to get this fencing fixed as soon as possible.

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