Anyone fancy taking part in a brand new TV series?

Award winning TV production company Firecracker Films Scotland are looking for people to take part in a new TV series.

aperture audio blur camcorder

The TV company are currently producing a brand new series for a leading UK broadcaster, which aims to help people fix their finances, by offering them practical financial advice from our team of money experts.

They are ideally looking for couples, families, friends and business partners – anyone whose relationships are being impacted by money matters, and who would love the opportunity to have some help with their finances.

A team of experts will work with contributors to offer advice, solutions, hints and tips to make their money work better for them – and for the audience watching.

In this brand new TV show a specialist team of financial experts will give people the crucial advice and solutions to help them fix their finances and rescue their relationships.

If you would like help to manage your money better, and to take the weight off your shoulders, please apply now:

Email: money@firecrackerfilms.com

Call or text: 07494405759

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