Partington and Warburton residents oppose the new hybrid housing development on Warburton Lane in Partington

Redrow has submitted proposals to the council for 400 new homes to be built on the land of Warburton Lane in Partington.


Fields where 200 of the 400 homes are to be built in Partington: Image Darren Marsden

With Your Housing Group already looking to add additional houses on land of Oak Road it could mean in this corner of the village will look very different in the next couple of years if both proposals get the green light.

The Redrow proposals have been given the thumbs down by some residents in Partington all rightly worried about the huge increase in cars once the housing developments are completed.

Pollution is also a major concern for the majority of Partington residents and is one of the reasons for so many objections.

We note that Indigo has said that Partington has good cycling infrastructure, this got the biggest laugh of the day!

Looking through more documents we could see nothing about the already overstretched medical facilities and a lack of shops, for all these new people coming into the area it will make the situation impossible for the doctors at the Healthy Living Centre on Central Road who we believe are stretched to breaking point.

Let’s look at what we know so far:

  • Warburton Lane -400 (proposed)
  • Oak Road YHG -86 (Proposed)
  • Heath Farm Lane – 452
  • Lock Lane Peel- 550
  • Lock Lane – 28 (Already built)
  • Central Road Peel – 14
  • Social Club – unknown

New roads to ease congestion:

New roads: 0

New medical facilities for all these new people:

Medical infrastructure/facilities: 0

New shops to cope with all these new people:

New shops: 0

With the above, you can see why the level of concern by residents and from people that have to come through Partington.

The proposed link road from Banky Lane to the Future Carrington site will do nothing for Partington residents.

Warburton residents have also objected to the Warburton Lane housing development due to the traffic issues that will cause even more problems at the Warburton Toll Bridge.

We like the look of the houses that will be built on land either side of Warburton Lane and the layout has been thought about, it looks ultra modern and would be very desirable by most people.

It is hoped our article will bring about some change to the plans so that existing Partington and Warburton residents are not affected by this new housing development as they will be with the current plans.

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