Last partial lunar eclipse of 2019 to happen tonight over the UK

A partial lunar eclipse will happen over the UK tonight (July 16)


A fulll Moon over Sale

If the clouds clear just as the moon rises in the East many people will be able to see a small bit of the eclipsed moon and later during the evening.

It would be best to be on higher ground and you would need a super zoom camera or a very big lens on a tripod if you are using a DSLR if you wanted to get some pictures.

This partial eclipse is believed to be the last one this year.

Australia will see the eclipse tomorrow so long as the weather is good, sadly for those in the US they will not get to see the eclipse.

You can see the moon at around 7.30pm, we suggest to set up your equipment at around 6.30pm and look for it rising in the south east, fingers crossed for clear conditions.

You do not need any equipment to see the partial eclipse.


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