A Tornado has touched down in Hale Greater Manchester

A Tornado has touched down in Hale Greater Manchester during rush hour.

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The twister touched down at around 5.30pm on July 19 it was first observed by nearby Manchester Airport as a funnel cloud.

It ripped through a small part of hale throwing trees everywhere, fences and other things that were not tied down ended up being thrown about.

Gina was in Tatton Park when she spotted the twister in the distance and recorded it on her phone which you can see below:

Trafford also had heavy rain during the day which meant many roads were flooded and the rivers and canals swelled.

Our weather is changing, we will get more of this due to climate change, many agree its all man-made, although increasingly people are starting to understand that a maunder minimum is approaching and it is this that is causing our climate to change.

If you have any footage of the Tornado or pictures please send them into newsdesk@news4trafford.com

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