The 5G roll out is set to be delayed due to concerns over Huawei

The 5G roll out looks set to be delayed after the UK government got cold feet on Chinese firm Huawei.


Mobile mast in Altrincham: Image Darren Marsden

Concerns by the UK government is because they think the Chinese firm could use 5G to spy on us a claim that has been denied by Huawei.

Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright has today set out plans to improve security standards and practices across the UK’s telecoms sector, including in new 5G and full-fibre broadband networks. The proposals include new legislation to enforce stronger security requirements in the telecoms sector and protect the UK from threats.

We have to also remember 5G has yet to be safety tested and the government must listen to the people who will be exposed to this dangerous technology if it is ever properly rolled out.

Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright said: “The UK telecoms sector must prioritise secure and safe networks for consumers and business. With the growth of our digital sector and transformative new services over 5G and full-fibre broadband in the coming years, this is not something to compromise on. People expect the telecoms sector to be a beacon of safety and this review will make sure that safety and security are at the forefront of future networks.”

This must be a real pain for networks like EE and Vodafone, and for O2 who will set up 5G in Manchester early 2020.

Three networks must be having anxiety attacks after the statement today since they are supposed to be installing the masts on lampposts at the end of the year, this will now be delayed, something the public will be more than happy with.




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