More details surface about a new resort that will be built at TraffordCity

Therme Manchester is an iconic development for the city and the first of its kind in the UK.

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The resort brings together the tradition of the ancient Roman spa with an indoor tropical paradise. Therme Group is driven by the belief that wellbeing should be accessible to everyone. It achieves this by creating resorts which offer affordable luxury and are suitable for all ages.

The natural environment of Therme, combined with many water-based activities and treatments, brings health benefits to visitors and helps them to optimise their wellbeing.

The 28-acre Therme Manchester site is in the TraffordCity area, opposite intu Trafford Centre and Barton Square. A new Metrolink tram station to Barton Square will stop directly outside.

Therme Manchester is open throughout the day and EventCity, which is currently on the site, will be relocated. The overall impact is to replace peak-hour EventCity traffic with visitor journeys spread evenly across the day.

Public spaces around Therme will create a relaxing natural bio-diverse environment. Footpaths will open up the area and provide improved connectivity around TraffordCity and with the neighbouring Bridgewater canal.

Therme Manchester will have four zones:

Galaxy is the family area of Therme with entertainment for adults and children. The main features of Galaxy include waterslides, a wave pool, relaxation areas and steam rooms, plus indoor and outdoor pools, where visitors can enjoy a refreshing drink or healthy meal amongst an exotic palm tree plantation.

Palm is a peaceful relaxation zone for adults (16+). It includes indoor and outdoor relaxation pools, mineral baths, steam rooms and natural water-based treatments. It will offer fusion cuisine from around the world and vitamin juice bars. The balanced ecosystem of Palm, including outdoor gardens, provides calm in a tranquil green environment.

Elysium invites visitors to discover the global and historical traditions of the thermal spa, with exquisitely designed saunas, steam rooms and mineral therapy pools. Essential to the experience are guided sauna sessions led by ‘Aufguss’ masters. Beautifully planted gardens surround Elysium, giving an area for outdoor activities and relaxing amongst nature.

Genesis provides individually tailored therapies to enhance mental and physical wellbeing such as relaxation and sports massage, LED and infrared therapy, cryo-saunas, vitamin and mineral pools and treatments to enhance circulation and skin health.

At the heart of Therme Manchester is a bio-diverse garden for all seasons, designed in the shape of a rose. This central aspect of the design acts as a focal point for socialising, learning and discovery and provides a link between the four areas.

Every aspect of Therme Manchester is designed in a green and sustainable way. Water saving technology ensures the highest level of water quality while minimising consumption. Exceptional energy efficiency is achieved through advanced building design, the use of natural daylight, LED lighting and natural ventilation plus air and water heat recovery. During construction, Therme Manchester will use highly durable materials, sourced locally wherever possible. As an ‘every day holiday’, Therme reduces carbon-heavy domestic and international travel. Therme will be easily accessible via public transport in addition to pedestrian and cycle access.

Comments on Therme Manchester can be submitted at the public consultation or by visiting http://www.thermemanchester.co.uk between Thursday 25 July and Sunday 04 August.

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