UK scientists chose 3.5m innocent animals for procedures in 2018

Official government figures show 3.5 million animals are used in lab tests (procedures) here in the UK.

animal beagle canine close up

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The statistics have shown that fish, mice and rats are most used in tests, however looking further down shows Horses, Birds, Monkeys, Dogs and Cats have also been used.

Over 10,000 horses were sent to the lab in 2018  91% of procedures using horses carried out for the routine production of blood-based products. Blood-based products are used for a variety of diagnostic purposes.

Dogs and cats have also been used, nearer 6,000 dogs have gone to the lab an increase of 24% and 180 cats have ended up on the test table, nothing was said about what happens to them or what the tests are for.

130,000 birds have been used, no information as to what type is given and even more shocking was the crazy scientists used some endangered species of birds.

The area that was most focused on with all these experiments with animals was the immune system.

All tests on these innocent animals are to help humanity, yet it is said that 90% of all tests end in failure yet the animal will have been not only frightened but either killed or had life-changing injuries, no information is given about what happens after the experiments have taken place.

We need cures for a range of issues, harming or killing innocent animals must end and new ways of testing developed which would bring with it better accuracy and the best side effect of all no harm to any animal.

You can view all the information on animal testing by clicking this LINK

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