5G mast to go up in Urmston with the same frequency as a microwave

EE and Three are seeking approval from Trafford Council to replace a mobile phone mast with a 5G upgrade including 12 antennas and 2 relay dishes.

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The mast is near Royal Mail on Higher Road in Urmston.

A certificate has been shown saying that the frequencies will go no higher than 300Ghz, at this power it is the same (depending on the brand) as a microwave, the only difference is the mast will be beaming at people 24/7.

This is incredibly scary for the people of Urmston and anyone that goes past the mast and working near it, we noted that there was no indication where the 12 antennas are going to be based, obviously on lampposts and the sides of buildings.

We ask the councillors of Urmston and those at Planning to reject this and any other 5G mast, no safety testing has ever been done and every time we ask the networks we get the same answer “read the guidelines from the World Health Organisation or advice from Public Health England.”

In recent times we asked the council through Freedom of Information and they told us they had no current plans to have any network install 5G!

If the mast and all its antennas do go up it will only be a matter of time when people will start suffering, we have been warning people from day one about this dangerous technology!

We have been contacted several times by someone in the field of military weapons and knows all about the dangers of 5G and tells us some troubling things, from birds dying, cows dying due to 5G frequencies.

The government had a debate about 5G, one person said “3g and 4g goes around us, 5G goes through us”

You can read all about Active Denial System HERE

You can also check out the proposal and for more information  by entering 98308/FUL/19 in Trafford Council planning search.

We have since contacted Urmston councillor Joanne Harding about this mast and others and has so far she not responded, we will update this article if we get anything back.

For all those who think its a conspiracy, it is suggested you do your own reaserch, when we talk about 5G its about the science and what it could do to a human or animal or even a bug!

The facts are no document can be shown to prove 5G is safe its as simple as that and until the networks and indeed the government come clean  about this, more and more people agree 5G is not safe for anyone or anything once the ‘Pico’ cells are introduced on lampposts and other street furniture.

It seems also councillors are unwilling to engage and those connected with a political party, such apathy tells us a great deal about what is going on and only increases the suspicions about money and incentives networks or even government have given them to shut up.

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