One months rain in one day here in Manchester

Yesterday (July 28th) saw one months rain in just one day here in Manchester.

The rain caused localised flooding, here in Trafford Sinderland Brook in Partington gave the Environment Agency no choice but to put the River Mersey and its catchments on Flood Alert.

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Other parts of Trafford saw rising water all around with Flixton Bridge almost flooding the mile road, had the rain continued into the night this road would have been flooded, something locals are used to during Autumn and Winter months.

It was Timperley Brook though that stole the headlines later on in the day when the Environment Agency put it on Flood Warning, the all clear has been sounded and local people can get on with things again.

It does show you though how weird our weather is at the moment, already today we are back to warm sunshine, the forecast though is for thunderstorms mixed with some sunny intervals, the weather will do what it likes though no matter how good the prediction is, so keep a good rain jacket handy just in case.

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