Objections to the Warburton Lane housing development in Partington and Warburton increase

Trafford Council planners will find it incredibly difficult to approve the Warburton Lane housing development in Partington.


A huge amount of objections have been submitted to the application including some farms around the area, and notably from Warburton Parish Council.

The site is situated on the borders of Partington and Warburton with the western part of the development fully in Warburton.

Warburton residents are very concerned mostly about congestion and nothing has yet been said about the Toll Bridge where traffic is bad on most days backing up down Warburton Lane into Partington.

No affordable homes will be provided according to Warburton Parish Council on any part of this development.

On or near the site is two medieval burial sites and some other historical remains have been found, including a stone axe near to the River Mersey.

The burial grounds one we already are trying hard to protect is situated around 400m south of Partington, this is a monks grave and is under a round mound.

Another grave which is roughly 500m east of Warburton Lane is thought to have the bodies of several medieval cult members and is again under a mound.

These sites will be affected by this housing development and must be protected at all costs.

HS2 if it is ever built already know about the burial ground south of Partington, and are taking steps to make sure it is undisturbed due to our information and persistence in ensuring the grave remains intact.

It is noted also that nothing we have seen says anything about HS2 which will come very close to the western part of the housing development.

Many Partington residents have objected to the plans, rightly worried about congestion, the lack of shops, roads and medical facilities.

One of the facts about every housing development that has been proposed or approved is nothing is thought about regarding existing residents!

We ask Redrow homes and all the others to consider what Partington has before dumping a gigantic housing development on them, we also ask the councillors to have some thought about this when approving a housing development.

Pollution is not a big thing for Trafford Council, some may say things on Twitter of Facebook, however, they have shown a seriously poor lack of understanding of how bad things are here in Trafford.

In the years ahead pollution will be killing more people, even fit people will die as the population rises sadly so does the number of cars that are on our already congested roads.

It is not rocket science to see what we are getting at here, yet Trafford Council cannot see from their blinkered eyes and twisted tongues, it does not matter about the political thing, its a matter of morality and all sides have forgotten about what it is that matters…the people that keep it alive.

We expect the Warburton Lane housing development to be approved despite pleas from Partington and Warburton residents for councillors to object.

The Warburton Lane website has also been taken down which could have shown the public some updates and showcased the housing development to change minds.

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