Three miles around Partington and only 3 primary schools out of 17 have any spaces left

A study revealed only three primary schools within a three mile radius east of Partington has any spare places left.

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A total of 14 other primary schools in Trafford were all full.

With new housing developments in the pipeline, we ask councillors to think before approving more so around Partington which is where most of the new housing will be built.

This is also must be a serious concern for the new Carrington village although we have not read anything to suggest a new school will be built, however, it might be possible down the line.

As it stands now, if the Warburton Lane housing development is approved, including the YHG housing development on Oak Road and the Peel Lock Lane housing development where are all the kids going to go?

We have in the past told you about the obvious lack of shops in the area, the doctors swelling so far its at bursting point, no entertainment facilities, nowhere near enough roads and pollution issues.


Heath Farm Lane signage:: Image Darren Marsden

The study read was from the application for Heath Farm Lane and shows to the people of Partington how much they care about the area, knowing existing residents and of course the new residents and those in Warburton will suffer.

Children in Partington already suffer enough, having nothing to do often they have nothing much to eat due to poverty, and soon will not be able to get an education!

The solution is simple, build new schools, build new roads, build a proper shopping area for Oak Road, the council could use a compulsory order for that existing out of date building and start building a nice shopping area with much-improved security something that it is badly lacking at present.

These simple solutions though are not even thought of when an application is presented to the council by a housing developer.


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