More trees to come down in Altrincham residents are right to be alarmed

We all must agree our trees are our lungs, yet Trafford Council continue to chop down Altrincham’s trees at an alarming rate.


Bare trees in Altrincham: Image Darren Marsden

With every weekly planning list comes yet more trees either being felled or pruned so much all thats left of the tree is a carcus.

We know it is to do with 5G although councillors have been clearly told not to say anything which adds to further suspicions, 5G will not work with trees in the way.

Even if it is for 5G should they continue like this? at the rate the council is chopping down these trees in Altrincham and in Hale they will have none left!

In this weeks planning lists we added up 12 trees to be felled, and many more to be made into a shell than a tree.

We have asked Altrincham Green Party councillor Dan Jerrome for more information as to what is going on and if his party can stop this felling of our trees we await his reply.

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