5G tests in Bournemouth confirm the reason why trees are coming down all over the UK

Having read a long document on 5G testing in Bournemouth we can provide proof as to why all the trees are coming down all over the UK.


Trees cut down: Pic Darren Marsden

  • Note though some trees do need to be felled due to safety.

For 5G to work it needs a line of sight, the tests proved that trees and other things like weather conditions can cause problems for the signal.

Something like a hanging basket on the front of your home could cause signal loss, they tested up to 80GHz of power proving that the 5G we have now will increase significantly when the ariels and masts are fitted to lampposts.

Interestingly the testing provided results suggesting even street furniture could cause signal deflection, does this mean then the networks will start installing their lampposts?

Here in Trafford we have seen a large amount of trees being felled and we expect this will continue through the year, and councillors are not responding to our questions.

What we know is when the ariels or masts are planted on either council-owned lampposts or the networks all of them will be no more than 200m away from you, looking at detailed graphs we can see it could be even more likely that these ariels and masts will be within 50m from a building.

Some residents have asked us for proof about the trees being felled, we have gone one further than that with this REPORT

It was in Bournemouth but these tests will have taken place everywhere in the UK and provides proof of these higher frequencies and proof about why trees and vegetation can cause signal issues.

The networks are going to have to ask Trafford to cut down many more trees more so in the Sale area and we will be keeping a close eye on what happens.

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