The Earth is just about to experience a solar minimum so be prepared

Climate change is real, people should be thinking about a bigger problem and that is the on-coming solar minimum.


We are in solar cycle 24 and Nasa predicts that by the end of 2019 or early 2020 we will see the lowest activity from the sun for a long time.

Looking deeper we can see why the politicians are not saying anything about this issue instead of blaming society for the problems with our environment, and half of this is right, we have caused lots of damage to this world, plastics in our oceans, the use of fossil fuels, coal and wood burning, diesel in our cars and vans, chopping down our trees for 5G!

In solar cycle 25, it is predicted that the activity on the sun will go so low that a maunder type minimum will occur, this is a life-changing event.

Crops will not grow where it has always grown, so the growers and producers will look to the part of the world that will not be that badly affected by the solar minimum which we believe is in the far east, China and around the areas.

We will see a food shortage of certain items, the fruit will be badly hit and other things we take for granted will be either in short supply or will not be seen for some time to come.

For more information on the solar minimum please click HERE


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