HIMOR objects to the Warburton Lane hybrid housing development in Partington

Future Carrington’s HIMOR has objected to the Warburton Lane hybrid housing development.


Future Carrington: Image Darren Marsden

In a document seen by News4Trafford,  HIMOR are concerned about the traffic issues if this Warburton Lane housing development was built.

HIMOR are to finance transport improvements at the junction of Flixton Road and Manchester Road, and it is likely that two more lanes will be added to the Carrington Spur.

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Proposed Warburton Lane housing development (west) : Image Google Maps

This objection and others like it from residents could stop the housing development in its tracks, it is also on green belt land.

HIMOR though have also forgotten about the Peel housing development on Lock Lane  and Your Housing Group’s new housing development on Oak Road both of which will swamp Partington and cause misery on all roads in the area and increase pollution.

Warburton residents will also have severe issues with traffic more so at the Toll Bridge.

HIMOR itself is paying for some work to be done to the highway cannot say much as its own Future Carrington site will make Manchester Road and Warburton Lane a car park, Heath Farm Lane has also not been mentioned in documents seen which will also cause traffic problems.

We are pleased with HIMOR for giving SInderland Lane a shout, we agree 100% that this country lane will not be able to take all the traffic from all the people driving from the housing developments, this helps with our statements about Heath Farm Lane which has been approved, we have always said Sindeland Lane will not be able to take the strain of so many cars since people will by instinct try to avoid Manchester Road once Heath Farm Lane and the Future Carrington sites have been completed, including Peel’s Lock Lane housing development which we have been told by peel will get going sometime this year, although like everything some delays may happen.

The reality is that before these housing people come in and dump there huge blocks of flats and houses they first must look at building new roads, new shops and medical facilities and something for people to do in the area, then build around it, at this time it is the other way and will only cause anxiety in existing communities and possible rejection by councillors at planning wasting time and money.

Further information can be found by using this code: 98030/FUL/19 in Trafford planning search.

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