Mental health workers stretched to breaking point in Trafford

Mental health services in Trafford are at breaking point as workers find it hard to cope.

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Moorside unit Trafford General Hospital: Image Google Maps

We asked someone that works in mental health services about why some patients are not getting the right treatment or the same care as they used to get, leaving them even more unwell and isolated.

Often a psychiatrist will listen to the patient’s issues and take notes down and consult with his or her CPN or Social Worker, it seems though drugs are the magic wand these doctors prefer to use and in some cases, some individuals must take medication.

We know about the nasty side effects to most of the medications offered and must be clearly explained to the patient before they are taken.

It has been said that things are so bad now it is incredibly difficult to get into secondary care and often very unwell patients are having primary care which is just not good enough.

Mental health workers are leaving the NHS because of the strain that is placed upon them, with more and more people becoming unwell, the service cannot cope, a social worker’s day could break most people with the amount of work they have to do.

We know about the issues with support workers, one individual who does not want to be named told us about just one of his days, having to ferry people around, go into houses with cat and dog poop all over the place, he tells us that he has been threatened many times by very unwell people.

His day was full and often the paperwork involved caused most of the stress, getting home from a hectic day was also an issue with the M60 at a standstill (more stress).

We have seen inside Moorside in Urmston, the team of doctors at this mental hospital are doing an incredibly good but hard job, from around 5-years ago the mental health unit had several patients within it, the doctors did not look as stressed, people were generally happier.

Looking at things in 2019 we can see things have gone pear-shaped, Moorside, when we had a visit, looked more like organised chaos than a mental health ward and it did not feel generally safe.

The government at this time is only caring about Brexit so getting anything done about social care and recruiting more mental health staff will be a wasted effort, it could be if we do go out of the EU without a deal many doctors may not even be able to stay in the UK.

Nobody knows what will happen which is the major concern for people in the UK, life has to continue though and the most vulnerable will again be hit!

We are concerned about the lack of advocacy in Trafford, we need a walk-in advocacy service, more centres need to be opened so those with mental health issues who can come along and make new friends and have something to do, these churches and some centres could provide a place for those with mental health issues and simply ask for a donation.

Nothing is ever done for people with mental health issues, and those with Autism, Trafford could lead the way through, who will have the balls to do something to help these people and the very people who try to help them day in and day out.

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