Emirates A380 super jumbo diverts from Manchester in fuel emergency scare

Emirates A380 flight (EK19) from Dubai to Manchester was diverted to London Heathrow on Sept 4th in what has been reported as a fuel emergency.


Emirates A380: Image Darren Marsden 

Weather in Manchester was poor during early evening with very high winds and rain, as the A380 came into land at Manchester Airport at around 6.40pm and at just 225ft from the runway the crew decided against landing and took it to 600ft in a blink of an eye.

With fuel running out fast the captain could not afford to do a go around at Manchester so decided to land at London Heathrow, even then the aircraft had to go in a holding pattern near the airport before safely landing.

It is believed that after landing and in the London airport the passengers had a choice of getting on another aircraft to Manchester or wait for the Emirates aircraft to get refueled again.

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