Huge strike planned by the UK Student Climate Network and Extinction Rebellion in Manchester

The UK Student Climate Network and Extinction Rebellion are to hold a day long protest in Manchester.

person holding save our planet sign

Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com


They want all workers from everywhere to join them on September 20th at Manchester Library.

In this protest they claim that people from all over the world will attend the day of ‘Climate Action’ both groups are actively asking people on Facebook to join in as we speak.

The protest is taking place because they want to deliver a message for climate justice just 3 days before the emergency climate summit on September 23rd.

On Facebook the group said:

We’ve been taking to the streets every month since February to call on the government and those in positions of power to take the necessary steps to tackle the climate crisis and create a better world. Our movement is going from strength to strength, but we can’t do this alone.

Join us. Let’s mobilise together.

As it is in its early stages of being planned we have no idea ‘at this time’ exactly what route they are taking, we have got information everyone is to meet at the library at 10am.

If thousands of people turn up all routes will be blocked, transport will be at a standstill whilst the protest or ‘Strike’ as they are calling it is operational.


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